"It is not incumbent upon you to finish the task, but nor are you free to absolve yourself from it." Pirke Avot 2.16

Dear Friends and Congregants,

All too quickly 5773 is reaching “when the gate closes” and the beginning of the New Year 5774. Indeed, this year was blessed with a lot of good but also with many challenges for the people of Israel, the State of Israel, as well as The Jerusalem Great Synagogue. Despite the challenges, The Jerusalem Great Synagogue fulfilled its multifaceted missions. This year, congregants, guests and friends experienced events, such as a special Shabbat services featuring the leading cantors from around the world, guest choirs as well as numerous other events on weekdays; in addition to the regular Shabbat and weekday activities.

Entry to many of the events is free, but requires advance registration. Regretfully, people from all over the country, and sometimes from overseas, were unable to register, as the synagogue reached maximum capacity. However, The Jerusalem Great Synagogue wishes to ensure that registered members of the Synagogue will always be able to participate in all such events, with a secured place.

We plan and are working to ensure that the upcoming year - 5774 - will be rich with special events and additional cultural and religious experiences. This is thanks to a fruitful collaboration with the Jerusalem Municipality, led by its Mayor the Honorable Moshe Leon, as well as other valued partners.

In order to allow each of you to participate in all our programs, we invite you to become distinguished members of the Great Synagogue community.

We thank you for responding. We wish you a good summer and a fruitful and blessed New Year, full of happiness, health, peace and fulfillment.

Malcolm Hoenlein - President                Zalli Jaffe, Deputy President

The table below sets out the types of membership and the rights attributed to each:

Platinum Membership

$ 1,800.00
  • Name plaques on two seats for the year, invitations to attend VIP events and Kiddushim, entry to special Shabbat services, Two tickets for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

Gold Membership

$ 1,000.00
  • Name plaques on two seats for the year, entry to special Shabbat services.

Silver Membership

$ 420.00
  • Entry to special Shabbat services