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Your Home in Jerusalem

Whether you live in Jerusalem, are here for Shabbat or Yom Tov or simply touring Israel, the Jerusalem Great Synagogue is poised to offer you a warm welcome. You will find yourself surrounded by people like you from all walks of life: from tourists and citizens to the Chief Rabbis, President, Prime Minister, Knesset members and judges. We all stand as one in prayer and fellowship...

Spiritual Leadership

Not just a rabbi. At the Jerusalem Great Synagogue, you will find world-class leaders at the pulpit providing learning, guidance and inspiration ...

Experience Sights and Sounds

Architecture, Ambiance

A façade based on the Second Temple, the majestic sanctuary featuring a colossal, dazzling chandelier, breathtaking stained-glass, inspiring Torah study, lectures and other meaningful activities... (Photo: Tanya Nagar)

Cantors and Choir

The Jerusalem Great Synagogue is one of the world's chief repositories of Jewish Ashkenazic liturgical music and one of the few synagogues in the world with internationally-acclaimed Cantors and choir leading...

Mezuzah Collection

Before entering the sanctuary, you see an inspiring exhibit of living Judaism: The Jacob and Dr. Belle Rosenbaum Mezuzah collection, featuring hundreds of spectacular Mezuzot - one of the largest in...

Lay Leadership

It takes a dedicated team to keep the Jerusalem Great Synagogue great. Lay leaders, volunteers and professional staff are devoted to assuring that your Experience at the Jerusalem Great Synagogue is moving and memorable

Join Us...

Become a part of the Experience. Whether you are from the neighborhood or from around the world, you too can make the Jerusalem Great Synagogue your home.

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