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Supporting Members 5770 (2009-2010)
Dr. Donald and Julia Aaronson
Bertram and Shirley Abell
Dr. Sheldon and Connie Abramson
Morton and Sharon Apfeldorf
Rabbi Hyman and Ann Arbesfeld
Yitzchak and Yaffa Atzmon
Ambassador Yehuda and Mimi Avner
Ira Bader
The Hon. Nir Barkat
Mendy and Sharon Bauman
Tobias and Rosalie Berman
Marvin and Hadassah Bienenfeld
Alan and Janice Blumenthal
Emanuel and Dr. Fiona Blumfield
Eric and Penny Bowman
Moshe and Rachel Brand
Bernard and Ruth Ann Buchweitz
Isaac and Sandra Chesir
Dr. Yoel and Michele Comet
Azi and Jessica Cutter
Ruben and Phyllis Davidman
Manuel and Hoda Dalfen
Melvin and Sylvia David
Dr. Israel and Dina Drazin
Andrew Eichenholz
Dr. and Mrs. Engelberg
Bernard and Vivian Falk
Dr. Simcha and Esther Fass
Rabbi George and Fredda Finkelstein
Usher and Sharon Fogel
Rabbi Paul and Nina Freedman
Abraham and Miriam Fuchs
Sir Ian and Lady Gainsford
Professor Ronald and Mary Ruth Gehr
Binyamin and Shifra Glickman
Jack and Susan Gluck
Mike and Hanna Goldman
Chaya Gross
Cyril and Tema Harrishburg
Rabbi Yakov and Devorah Hilsenrath
David and Lilly Hollander
Zalli and Tamar Jaffe
Zeev and Debbie Jaffe
Seymour and Rona Kessel
Rabbi Shaya and Nechie Kilimnick
Emil and Sylvia Klein
Hanna Knibiehly
Joachim Koenig
Avi Koenigsberg
Drs. Israel and Lidia Kozenitzky
Simon and Rachell Kresch
Chanoch and Aviva Lazarus
Dr. Abelardo and Lynne Lechter
Kenny and Sandy Lerner
Jonathan and Nomi Levene
Josh and Yael Levontin
Professor Robert and Adina Liberles
Barnet and Susan Liberman
Sol and Barbara Liebgott
Gerald and Jacqueline Lieder
Stanley and Evelyn Liker
Dr. Joel and Barbara Luber
Dr. Jonah and Thelma Mann
Rabbi Jay and Barbara Marcus
Israel Margaliot
Dr. Nathan and Leonie Meiselman
Joe and Geri Miller
Professor George and Brenda Moschytz
Chazzan Chaim and Dr. Sherrell Najman
Professor Arye and Justice Miriam Naor
Professor Gadi Pickholz
Ivor and Sonia Plotnikov
Israel and Judith Preminger
Theodore and Sylvia Quint
Irwin and Shirley Rabinowitz
Shalom and Orli Rechdiener
Hyam and Carol Reichel
Aryeh and Shirley Rendel
Harvey and Tobi Riback
Captain Robert and Gail Robinson
Yossi and Mina Ron
Rabbi Barry Rosen
Pinchas and Nechama Rosenberg
Ernesto Rosenfeld
David and Riva Rotenberg
Professor Jacob and Lea Rowe
Jean-Michel Rykner
Asher and Lenore Schapiro
Rabbi Herbert and Esther Scheinfeld
Jerry and Barbara Schreck
Eli Schulman and Sarah Eichler
Jack and Babette Seidenberg
Ze'ev and Devorah Shapiro
Dr. Melvin and Jenny Shay
Dr. Chaim and Chana Solomon
Professor Menachem and Dina Steiner
Israel Suss
Adelle Trachtenberg
Uri Trachtenberg
Lori Vera
Sara Vineberg
Max and Audrey Wagner
Rabbi Binyamin and Hinda Walfish
David and Chana Walles
Rabbi Chaim and Leah Wasserman
Chava Womark
Rabbi Yaakov and Chany Zev
Rabbi Aharon and Libby Ziegler
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