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THE EXPERIENCE: Jacob Z"L and Dr. Belle Rosenbaum
Mezuzah Collection

On every doorpost in most Jewish homes,  there is a parchment scroll containing two excerpts from the Torah (Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:13-21) called a mezuzah, encased in a cover of wood, metal or other material.  Dating back to Mosaic times, the mezuzah is a symbol of devotion to the Almighty and the recognition that all else pales before Him. The mezuzah dedicates our home as a Temple of God and reminds the occupant of his position –'occupant'—since God is the true owner of everything. When we enter our home, we place our hand upon the mezuzah to remind ourselves that we are treading upon consecrated ground. When we leave our home, we place our hand upon the mezuzah and commit our home to His protection.

Motivated by a deep sentimental  attachment to her early childhood experiences of her father's holding her in his arms to reach up and  'kiss the mezuzah' on her doorpost at home, Dr. Belle Rosenbaum began collecting 19th and 20th century mezuzot from across the world in 1940. Believing that mezuzot were the 'jewels of the home' and that they represented the one mitzvah associated with an object that involved everyone—men, women and children, Belle's lifelong efforts to locate and showcase thousands of the most artistically unique of these ritual items were inspired by her deep love and devotion to her faith and her commitment to perpetuate her glorious heritage for generations to come.

Jacob, Z"L, and Dr. Belle Rosenbaum have generously donated thousands of mezuzot from their collection to The Jerusalem Great Synagogue, where they remain on permanent display in the Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Entrance Hall.

Each mezuzah tells a captivating story. Click here for a glimpse at the Rabbi Nachman of Breslov Mezuzah, the Ein Hod Mezuzah and the Braille Mezuzah  and learn more about the fascinating origins of these treasures.



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